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? CITYCRAFT - PORTAL ? 1.7.10 EULA Update Complete
- CityCraft - Survival - PvP - Build - SkyBlock - Tekkit - HG -
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Survival Server Dungeon [Thrakkon Halls]
Survival Server Dungeon [Crypt Of The Forsaken]


CityCraft is a minecraft gaming community. We have been running since January 2011 through minecraft beta till today! Come check out our variaty of minecraft servers, chat with us on our teamspeak and join the community on our forums.

CityCraft website - citycraft.co.uk

CityCraft Forum - forum.citycraft.co.uk

CityCraft Teamspeak - servers.citycraft.co.uk

To join any of our servers you can go through the lobby server at servers.citycraft.co.uk. In the lobby server you will find portals to each of the servers below. Or you can use the direct IPs which are also listed below in the server descriptions.

CityCraft - Build

CityCraft - Build

IP: build.citycraft.co.uk

CityCraft Build: A 24/7 city-themed minecraft server. We have an active and friendly community with new members joining daily. The map is styled around the idea of a city with free plots to build on. We have available; shops, portals, flats, public mines and forests. We also have iConomy which is used as currency on the server. We have a market where members can go to sell/buy items with other members. This server is a free-build where in-game promotions are available. Join today and become a part of the CityCraft Comminuty!

CityCraft - Survival

CityCraft - Survival

IP: survival.citycraft.co.uk

CityCraft Survival: A 24/7 Survival PvP server running factions. We have custom dungeons and constant arena PvP battles for you to take part in all day, every day. Team up or go solo to become the #1 PvPer on the server. Griefing and raiding is allowed and encouraged. All players can set up and run their own faction shop to earn money. Join now and check out the survival server if you are in to fast-paced PvP action!

CityCraft - SkyBlock

CityCraft - SkyBlock

IP: skyblock.citycraft.co.uk

CityCraft SkyBlock: CityCraft's NEW server. Take on the challenge of SkyBlock with the CityCraft community! Start on your own small island and complete challenges to level and become number one. Play solo or group up with friends, it's up to you.

CityCraft - Survival Games

CityCraft - SurvivalGames

IP: sg.citycraft.co.uk

CityCraft Survival Games: Fully automated 'Hunger Games' style PvP. Fight up to 24 players in a last man standing brawl. Find items around the map in hidden chests to give you the advantage over your enemies!

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