Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files, stored on your computer, and allow textual information to be stored and retrieved by a website. They are commonly used for persisting data over multiple pages of a website, for example, saving your login data, so that you don't need to log in again on every page. They are used and required on the vast majority of websites, and cannot be used to infiltrate any part of your computer.

You can learn more about cookies in general on Wikipedia and learn how to control and/or delete your cookies on

Our Cookies

In order to provide a seamless and targeted experience, we will sometimes use cookies to store a session key, which in turn, is used to store information about your current and previous sessions on the website.

As your sessions are stored on the server, there is no personal data stored directly on your computer. We use industry standard security protection on all of our servers to protect your data.

Deleting our session cookie(s) we provide will log you out of any account that you are currently logged in to. It may also affect other site services, such as favorites, which rely on you being logged in to function. Logging back in will restore any lost functionality.

Logging out of your account will invalidate your session, but may leave the invalidated session key in a cookie on your computer.

Third-Party Cookies

In order to display relevant adverts to you on the site, our advert provider Google, sometimes uses third-party DoubleClick tracking cookies on your computer. These cookies come from browsing this and other sites and are used by Google and DoubleClick to provide adverts that are targeted to your interests. For example, visiting this site may provide you with

You can learn more about advertisement cookies in general on If you would like to modify your advert preferences, Google provides settings to allow opt-out and control over the adverts displayed on this site, and other sites using Google's advertising network.

Last Modified: 18th March 2016