Privacy Policy

Our Promise

Keksia is a responsible company, which values the privacy and security of it's users. We take utmost care in protecting your privacy on all of our websites, using top-end security systems and continually updating our technology to ensure all vulnerabilities are minimized or prevented.

We will never knowingly release your personal data to third parties, unless we are given permission by you, the account holder.


The way in which we use cookies is available in our Cookie Policy.


We automatically log all information about your network connection, browser and browsing habits using both internal server logs and Google Analytics. This data is completely hidden from the public and is used to improve your experience on the website as well as analyze traffic and browsing tends of our users. No data stored in this way is personally identifiable as we store this information completely anonymously.


We have tried very hard to minimize the amount of data we need on our websites in order to provide a convenient and professional service to you.

Accounts on our website currently only require two pieces of information:

  • A valid email address.
  • A secure password.

Email Addresses

We never pass any email addresses on to third parties. We believe email addresses are sensitive information and should be respected and hidden from potential spammers.

We allow full control over the delivery of our emails, except for system critical emails such as Registration Confirmations. All email delivery options are accessible from the Notification Preferences panel in your account. We also provide one-click opt-out links in all non-critical emails that we send.

Password Security

Your password is fully secured on the server using one-way hashing and salting.

Your password is secure, even in the event of a successful hacking attempt, as the password itself is exceptionally difficult to reverse engineer from the end hash. In fact, it would take current technology hundreds of thousands of years to successfully brute-force any hashed passwords stored on the server and we continually update the security systems to the latest available protections to ensure that this remains constant.


When your server is added to our site, you accept that we may publish content about that server publicly. We do, however, have the option to list a server as private, which will hide the IP from end-users whilst still tracking and advertising any other content you have published.

Last Modified: 18th March 2016