This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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ARMIES Commander

ARMIES Commander

ExtremoPro Survival

ExtremoPro Survival

Command Hundreds NPC Soldiers in Epic Battles!

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Commands List:

/f: select your profession
/f create <Country> Create a country
/f treasury {add/remove} [Amount] - View, add, or remove money from your country 's treasury
/f claim {Radius} - Claim land for your country (Max Radius = 3)
/f sethome - Set the home for your country
If you are hungry, cut some trees and apples will fall down. Animals can defend theirselves, so it's a good idea to use bows for hunting.
/sm addrider <player>     Permit player to ride your animal
/sm delrider <player>     Disallow player from riding your animal
/sm give <player>     Transfer ownership of your animal to player
/sm Info     info     Get information on an animal
/sm Release     release     Revoke ownership of, and untame your animal
/sm Rename     rename <new-name>     Change the nameplate of your animal. Colors require an additional permission
/sm Teleport     teleport     Transport your animal elsewhere. Run the same command at the destination
/fm spawn TYPE, where type is archer, swordsman, mage, titan or bear
Right click to select soldiers.
/fm selection: List any soldier you have selected
/fm deselect: Deselect any soldier you have selected
/fm selectall: Select all soldiers in your country
/fm order follow /fm order stop - Tell your soldiers to go to wherever you told them to go last and stop there
/fm order goHome - Tell your soldiers to go where you spawned them (their home)
/fm order setHome - Make your position you soldiers's new home
/fm order patrolHere - Tell your soldiers to patrol between their home and your current position
/fm order moveToPoint - Tell your soldiers to move to where you're looking
/gohome: Teleport your soldiers back home
Right click a soldier while holding an apple and it will be healed by a set amount of health
/fm order wander: let your soldier wander around (there is no limit as to how far it can wander)
/fm order forgive: Tell your soldiers to stop attacking what they are currently agroed to.  Your mobs will resume attacking entities marked as hostile, but will stop attacking any neutral entities that provoked it.
/money (name) - This will display the balance of the user, the (name) is optional.
/money send [name] [amount] - This will send money to another player.
/money top - This displays the top richest players.
/inbox - Check your inbox /outbox - Check your outbox
/sendmail <player> <message> - Send mail /readmail <id> - Read one of your messages
/delmail <id> - Delete on of your messages
/sit: to sit down
/skin USERNAME: change your skin
/fly:  enable or disable fly in spawn region
/fm info: Lists the prices of the soldiers
/f market - Opens to market (Place to buy and sell items)
/f sell [Price] Sell the item in your hand
/f price - Get the price of the item(s) you are holding
/f c [Player] - View character information of a certain player
/f cp [Player] - Change your profession
/f join <Kingdom- Join a country
/f invite [Player] - Invite a player to join your country
/f challenge help - View challenge help and information
/f leader [Player] - Make a player leader of your country
/f leave - Leave your country
/f kick [Player] - Kick a player from your country
/f unclaim {radius/all} - Unclaims your country land
/f home - Go to your country's home
/f view - Let's you view what country are around you (Also /f map)
/f promote [Player] - Promote a player in your country
/f demote [Player] - Demote a player in your country
/f list (Page) - List all the country
/f info <country> display information
/f d [Desc] - Views and/or sets your country's description
/f name [Name] - Change your country's name
/f banner - set the banner in your hand to your country's banner
/f setbanner [Random} - Sets your country banner as the one you are holding and/or sets your kingdom banner as a random banner
/f kc - Toggles country chat
/f challenge accept <country> Accept a challenge from a country
/f challenge surrender <country> Give up in a challenge. This lets the enemy take your land and treasury if you are the defender
/f challenge info <country> View info for a challenge with a country
/f challenge tp <country> Teleport to the fighting area for a challenge
/f challenge list [Page] - list your country's current challenges
/f enemy <country> Set a country as an enemy
/f neutral <country> Set a country as neutral
/f ally <country>  set a country as an ally
/f setopen {True/False} - Make it possible for anyone to join your country without an invite
/f baninfo <country>  List countries and time remaining which you cannot challenge
/f kingdomonline <country>  Check when a country is online the most
/f speed [Player] - View info on a player's speed
/f strength [Player] - View info on a player's strength
/f toughness [Player] - View info on a player's toughness
/f stamina [Player] - View info on a player's stamina
/f luck [Player] - View info on a player's luck
/f p [Player] = View information about a player's profession
/f online [Player] - Check what times a player is online the most
/f shield {1/2/3} - Buy a shield for your country (1,2, or 3 weeks)
/f shield stop - Stop your current shield (NO REFUNDS)
/f shield - View information about shields
/f vacation - Buy vacation shield
/f fighter - Set who can fight in your country. Fighters make a challenge start without min required members online
/f spar <player[bet] - Spar a player (can be a country member or ally).
/aach or /aach help: none Displays Advanced Achievements' help
/aach info none Displays various information about the plugin.
/aach stats true Displays number of achievements the player has received and total amount available. 
/aach list true Displays a GUI containing all the achievements and the current progress for each one.
/aach top true Displays personal and global ranking
 /aach week true Displays weekly ranking
 /aach month true Displays monthly ranking

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