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Minecraft Australia Vietnam Malaysia

Minecraft Australia Vietnam Malaysia

ExtremoPro Survival

ExtremoPro Survival

Command Hundreds NPC Soldiers in Epic Battles!

Command Hundreds NPC Soldiers in Epic Battles!

Create a Kingdom. Create a huge NPC army to guard, defend and invade other Kingdoms in Epic Battles of Hundreds Soldiers. Do alliances with friends. Trade. And much more!

Commands List:

/f help (page) - List of Feudal commands
/f tutorial - Gives links to videos, tutorials, and the wiki
/f about - Gives credit and information about Feudal
/f market - Opens to market (Place to buy and sell items)
/f sell (Price) Sell the item in your hand
/f price - Get the price of the item(s) you are holding
/f c (Player) - View character information of a certain player
/f cp (Player) - Change your profession
/f create <Kingdom- Create a kingdom
/f join <Kingdom- Join a kingdom
/f invite (Player) - Invite a player to join your kingdom
/f challenge help - View challenge help and information
/f delete <Kingdom- Delete your kingdom
/f leader (Player) - Make a player leader of your kingdom
/f leave - Leave your kingdom
/f kick (Player) - Kick a player from your kingdom
/f claim {Radius} - Claim land for your kingdom (Max Radius = 5)
/f unclaim {radius/all} - Unclaims your kingdom land
/f sethome - Set the home for your kingdom
/f home - Go to your kingdom's home
/f view - Let's you view what kingdoms are around you (Also /f map)
/f promote (Player) - Promote a player in your kingdom
/f demote (Player) - Demote a player in your kingdom
/f list (Page) - List all the kingdoms
/f treasury {add/remove} (Amount) - View, add, or remove money from your kingdom's treasury
/f info <Kingdom- display information
/f d (Desc) - Views and/or sets your kingdom's description
/f name (Name) - Change your kingdom's name
/f banner - set the banner in your hand to your kingdom's banner
/f setbanner (Random} - Sets your kingdom banner as the one you are holding and/or sets your kingdom banner as a random banner
/f kc - Toggles Kingdom chat
/f challenge accept <Kingdom- Accept a challenge from a kingdom
/f challenge surrender <Kingdom- Give up in a challenge. This lets the enemy take your land and treasury if you are the defender
/f challenge info <Kingdom- View info for a challenge with a kingdom
/f challenge tp <Kingdom- Teleport to the fighting area for a challenge
/f challenge list (Page) - list your kingdom's current challenges
/f enemy <Kingdom- Set a kingdom as an enemy
/f neutral <Kingdom- Set a kingdom as neutral
/f ally <Kingdom- set a kingdom as an ally
/f setopen {True/False} - Make it possible for anyone to join your kingdom without an invite
/f baninfo <Kingdom- List kingdoms and time remaining which you cannot challenge
/f kingdomonline <Kingdom- Check when a kingdom is online the most
/f speed (Player) - View info on a player's speed
/f strength (Player) - View info on a player's strength
/f toughness (Player) - View info on a player's toughness
/f stamina (Player) - View info on a player's stamina
/f luck (Player) - View info on a player's luck
/f p (Player) = View information about a player's profession
/f online (Player) - Check what times a player is online the most
/f shield {1/2/3} - Buy a shield for your kingdom (1,2, or 3 weeks)
/f shield stop - Stop your current shield (NO REFUNDS)
/f shield - View information about shields
/f vacation - Buy vacation shield
/f fighter - Set who can fight in your kingdom. Fighters make a challenge start without min required members online.
/f spar <player(bet) - Spar a player (can be a kingdom member or ally).
/f attributes - Redistribute attributes (Disabled by default)

Supervivencia extrema; el habitante tiene que, desde el primer momento, recolectar materiales para construir su propio hogar y desarrollar herramientas propias para poder construir todo más rápidamente.

ExtremoPro es literalmente infinito. No hay un final y no se trata de uno lineal. La libertad de movimiento y construcción es completa. Es tan libre que hasta permite tener un romance, casarse y crear un mundo y vida propia en el mundo virtual.

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