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IXEN Networks [Semi-Vanilla] [PvE] {1.8}


IXEN Networks is a new server community with a friendly and fun staff team.
Currently we have three game servers as well as a Teamspeak IP.

Our Minecraft server is a Semi-Vanilla PvE server with many grief-protection plugins (claim areas, lockette, explosions and lava switched off, etc). Players who decide to join us have the freedom to build and play on our server however they wish, whether they want to build an underground house system or an elaborate mansion on the surface.

If anybody on our server runs into any issues they can ask any member of staff and they're guaranteed to be helped.

If anyone does happen to be griefed on our server, within 24 hours an admin will rollback the player responsible, therefore the damage shall be undone. Please stay patient!

Rules List:

  1. No discrimination of any kind

  2. Do not disrespect other players

  3. No griefing

  4. No stealing from or raiding other players

  5. Do not purposefully annoy other players

  6. Staff words/decisions are final

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