This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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[1.7] SadCoFTB Network [normal/skyblock/Custom]


Infinity Normal:
Infinity Skyblock :
Custom Pack:

Why an FTB Infinity Modpack?

  • Mainstream packs are typically better supported and bugs are usually patched.

Why run your own server?

  • I am tired of servers where the owner is absent and the mods run amok.
  • I am frustrated with server staff enforcing rules they don't make accessible for their players
  • Why should I play on your server versus any other server?

I as an owner will be available and active on my own server

  • Mods will be people I trust with the well being of the server, they will be knowlegedgable of the mods used on the server and enabled to actually help people when it is deemed that help is needed. (ie. if the server needs to be restarted and the owner is away, admins can do it)
  • Server will be graylisted allow players to login but unable to do anything before agreeing to rules and applying on the site. (reducing potential griefers)
  • The server will be running all manner of anti-grief and protection mods/plugins
  • The server will ban people not Items except for the case where items crash or lag the server by their nature or poor mod coding
  • Staff will be active in making sure people are not creating lag


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