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Welcome to EliteCore! Players are given a choice to play in either the Creative or Survival gameplay worlds. In the Creative world, players are allotted a plot to build in. In the Survival world, players are allowed to build wherever they please outside the spawn area and may use GriefPrevention to prevent their items from being griefed. Alternatively, players may use Lockette to keep their chests protected. Unlike most servers, fire spread and TNT are enabled, but we use CoreProtect and enforce bans so griefers beware! In the event that a player is banned, they may appeal to our forums-based ban appeal system. Verdicts are given fairly and without bias based on a strict set of guidelines that all staff members know and enforce. Ranks are given out as the Administrators see fit, but special donator’s ranks are those who contribute to our server through monetary donations. One thing to note is that players do not obtain ranks through asking, nor through application; we reserve the right to ban players who ask for ranks or OP. Any other details? Visit our forums at

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