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SlappPvP! - A newly started Bukkit server founded by "MindSlapp" (Hence the "Slapp") which proves fun for all those interested in PvP and survival.

Factions - a plugin used to dedicate peace to one group of people, and alliance to another. The server includes the latest version of Factions meaning you'll be in-the-now as you play!

Donors - On SlappPvP, all those who donate will receive marvellous ranks which will prove useful to their PvP + Building needs. Every single donor receives instant access to picking up, changing and placing monster spawners they find or raid, allowing a huge stretch in mob-grinding/farming purposes! It's definitely worth considering.

Staff - SlappPvP is proud to admit to having the friendliest staff around to ensure all problems are dealt with correctly and in a good manner to set up a win-win situation in the player becoming happy and the correct procedures being accomplished! There's nothing better than staying happy all the time - Everyone knows that. :)

Rules - Unless in the acquaintance of a staff member, all cheating, lying, scamming and glitching is allowed! - Excludes hacking. Other rules are available to view in-game by typing /rules upon first joining the server.

Extras - For more information in-game or unrelated, feel free to actively search the forums and in-game commands to be the best you can be!

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