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Land Of Odyssey


I would like to start out by stating that this server is still somewhat under construction but is indeed public for all to join (as long as you follow server rules).

For this server we aim to create a more rewarding, addictive & fun survival experience for everyone with a few twists in hopes of making it more challenging while giving you the feel of progress with reward. Upon joining the server for the first time, things can be a bit intimidating, but if you give it more than a few minutes or seconds of a chance, you might like what you discover inside our server! You will start out with 10 hearts, no money, a very minor starting kit (kit peasant) and a couple of other free kits for starting out as well and that's it. It is up to you to discover your worth, so begin your journey and see what you discover!

~Do you enjoy ranking up on survival servers without having to donate? Then this is the server for you! We highly enjoy rewarding dedicated players while allowing them to gain unique ranks that give you several perks, permissions and kits. These ranks can be purchased with your in-game money on the server!

~We love rewarding our players, especially those who like to invite their friends to play! For each friend you invite, you get to claim a reward(s) via command in-game!

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