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Server is on 1.6.4 as Bukkit 1.7 breaks everything.
Visit the main Website
Server Back and Better than Before
Welcome to WebbServer - TimeCraft


Experience Traveling Through Time as You Spawn in a Massive Tower.
There are 3Time Zones Ancient, Middle Ages, Future

Freebuild allowed anywhere.

There are Factions, Cannons, And Much More content.
no constraints on your build.
Server Textures coming soon for each zone.

No Griefing
No Hacking
Noaskingfor opmodadmingmitems
Be respectful to playersstaff
This server allows Raiding and PVP Dont come crying if you lose your items or die.
Have Fun

Additional Details
Welcome to Timecraft Server protected by MCBans Anyone with global ban will not be able to join
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Update Log:
Introducing a NEW Referral System.
each referral will give you diamonds
15 Referrals and you get Lifetime Donator Status.
50 Referrals and you Get Lifetime VIP Status.
100 Referrals and you get SuperVIP Status which comes with OP

just do refergenerate to get a code you can give to others. when your friends and people you refer to the server join for the first time and enter the code you and them will get diamonds and some extra game $$

so get the word out there and Take advantage of the Free Ranks 100 Referrals gives you FREE SuperVIP which costs $100 in the webstore.
Server Details
Server Software
CraftBukkit on Bukkit 1.6.4-R2.1-SNAPSHOT
Main World Name
Game Version
Message of the Day
Welcome to WebbServer-Timecraft
Game Type
Server Port
Game Name
Maximum Players
dldt title=softwaredtdl
Mods Plugins
WorldEdit 5.5.8-1.6.2
Sentry 1.6.1
EssentialsProtect 2.12.1
WirelessRedstone 1.8.6b
EssentialsAntiBuild 2.12.1
GroupManager 2.0 (2.12.1) (Phoenix)
Vault 1.2.27-b349
DisguiseCraft 5.0
Stats 1.36-69
SimpleAutoAnnouncer 1.1
Splegg 1.6
Blacksmith 1.1
mcore 6.9.1
dynmap 1.9-853
godPowers 3.4
BKCommonLib 1.56
Dynmap-WorldGuard 0.50
Referrals 0.463
Werewolf 0.6.2
CoreProtect 2.0.8
Essentials 2.12.1
Factions 2.2.2
EssentialsSpawn 2.12.1
Citizens 2.0.10-SNAPSHOT (build 1021)
EssentialsChat 2.12.1
V10lift 0.4.13
Buycraft 6.4
HeavensWrath 2.0
Multiverse-Core 2.5-b641
ArenaSpleef 1.4.6
Bankcraft 2.2
Builder 0.8.2
CleanroomGenerator 1.0.0
MobBountyReloaded 376
EssentialsGeoIP 2.12.1
CreeperHeal 6.7
ProtocolLib 2.7.3
Infected 2.2.1
Denizen 0.9.3-SNAPSHOT (build 1335)
Alchemist 1.1.2
WorldGuard 5.8
MCBans 4.21
HealthBar 1.7.2
ClearLag 2.6.0
BloodMoon 0.24-SNAPSHOT
dtlTraders 3.0.8
Cannons 2.0-R6

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