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Sava Factions


Hello Minecrafters, I have made a server that is primarily a faction/pvp server, this is a server to have fun on and enjoy, I am looking for staff to make the community on my network as enjoyable as it can be, I have contact info and will gladly add you on skype if you are looking for a role on this server.

FAQ: Can I have op
Depends on if I think you will fit the role and are serious about your role and the players morale as the play.

Is there a age I have to be? : 13+, but if you are younger, yet are serious and mature, we may add a exception.

What Roles Are Available: All| Builder Admin, e.g.

We would be glad to have you be apart of the Sava Factions team, but don't join saying "OP me please" which honestly gets me frustrated, just contact me on skype and I will ask you a few questions.

-Skype: dylanblox7

Have a good day!

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