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VSG Old School Factions PVP


If you miss the good old days of community based factions PVP servers, or just want a smaller community where you can get to know players and make connections, this server is for you!

We are a minecraft community focused around old school factions PVP. If you've played Minecraft for a long time, you've probably noticed the trend of large servers getting bigger and bigger leaving smaller community focused servers behind. This means that the small factions PVP servers I used to play on no longer exist, this server is an attempt to revive that type of server. Our goal for this server is to capture that classic vibe that Minecraft servers of old had, and to avoid the pitfalls of larger servers that have taken over the minecraft multiplayer space.

This server is not intended to be a large project with multiple hub-servers and different gamemodes, this is a pure factions pvp server with one world (with the nether and end as well) and nothing more. Spawn is the only safezone in the server and serves as a meeting place, information center, and shop where players can sell and buy goods. Aside from this, this server is a mostly-vanilla factions PVP server with minimal plugins/modifications for quality of life.

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