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Welcome, Welcome to out voting page. We are Pixelmon Journey. Our Goal is to enhance the playing expeirence of all the palyers who choose are server.

Brief Information / Backstory :
AMinecraftLegend (The owner) has been playing pixelmon for nearly a year. I which have played many servers, some which I enjoyed and others not so much decided I should combine the elements which I loved from past servers and remove the barriers / stuff that make the game annoying. This is where I decided to make my own server.

What makes us different:

*We offer the two things pixelmon has to offer. The adventure part which makes you the player began a quest to become the very best trainer possible, and the survival aspect which Minecraft has. We do this by having a "protected" zone which is 2000 by 2000 blocks, here nothing is changed, here you can battle pokemon and train for the gyms. Then outside this we have a nearly infinant world which users can gather materials and items and make houses and other stuff.

*Automatic Gyms + Quests: To improve the adventure part of the server we got gyms, and quests. We are constantly adding new quests so you always have stuff to do.

*Grief prevention: To imrpove the survival state of out server we got grief prevention plugins to make your hard earned items being impossible to get taken / stolen

*In game ranks: We do not have pay2win ranks. We have trainer (default), and champion which is obtaimed after completeing the elite 4.

*Economy: We have a good shop with many items. You can also buy any starter, and hard to find pokemon with the right amount of money.

*uptime: We have a high % uptime. The only time we will be off is if we are working on the server.

So what are you waiting for? Join Us Now!

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