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If you have any questions, please comment or message me.

Please check back

Hi, you're looking for a good server right? Well, here's one for you!

It's still in development, but you could still join!

I will be looking through the comments frequently, so if you have any questions or comments post them there.

It's hard to explain the awesomeness in a few paragraphs, so join the server!

Click these spoiler tabs to learn more about the server.

The images for these things are located in the images tab.

Spawn and other buildings
The Spawn Area
We have a small spawn area for you. The reason why it's so small? Not all the buildings are put together. All of them areseparated. The spawn area includes signs to tell you all about the server, it's plugins, and how to use said plugins. Make sure you read all those signs unless you want to get lost behind!It also has warps so you can travel to all the other buildings as well. If you ever have any questions, comments, or suggestions, you can write a book and throw it into a hopper in spawn. We will be sure to look through those regularly and make sure you will get a reply.
The Shop and Rank Shop
In this shop, you use in-game money to buy and sell items. You can also use real money to buy premium items. More items will be added soon. In the rank shop, you can donate money to get ranks. Ranks give you useful perks. To buy any premium things or ranks, you use "/buy" in-game.
The PVP Arena coming soon!
The PVP arena allows you to fight against your friends in a controlled environment. There is a reason why there isn't a picture for it. It's because there isn't one! YET However, we promise to bring you a descent PVP Arena soon.

Yes, the main thing about the server. We have factions! If you don't know how to use factions, click here.
Factions let's you create your own factions or join someone else's faction. You can claim land with power. You have to have more power than land to claim more land. If your power is less than the land you own, you can get raided. That means others can claim the land you already own! You slowly get power by playing on the server. You can also get power by killing others. You can lose power if somebody else kills you.

We use essentials economy. You can use this in-game money to buy items. You get money by selling items. You can also use trade signs to trade with others.

Other Plugins
We have fast-soup. We also have essentials.We have a lot of plugins, but you don't really need to worry about those. If you have any questions about plugins, please comment or message me.

Of course there will be more! Remember, this server isn't ready yet. Lots are to come.

We will be updating this frequently.

Please check back often!

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