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Pixel Prison is a prison where the worst of sinners are sent to be locked up, and the only way out is to work hard doing various jobs.

Prisoners may begin by working in the mines to sell their loot or chopping down trees for money that they can get from selling items at the shop.

Getting Started
When you first join, you start out as an C prisoner. As an C-Blocker, you are the worst of the worst with very little respect between the guards and you need to earn their respect but moving up the ranks ladder.

The second rank is B. B costs $12500 and will not disappoint. You get a better mine, a more expensive shop, and a cow farm to get some food!

The third rank is A. Now you start to receive luxurys inside the prison! You are greeted with a clean block with a mine (The first with diamonds!) and of course a more expensive shop, and a cow farm.

The fourth rank is Elite. Elite is when you start to get trusted by the guards, however they have eyes in the back of their heads so when you're mischievous they will sure know about it! Watch out! ;)

The fifth rank is called Supreme. Get your winter jacket on as this block is chilly! You have a luxury mine that satifys all your needs and an amazing shop.

The sixth rank is Free. As you probably guessed you have finally earned your freedom! You now have access to the Faction PVP world and can be on your way, however you may come back to visit anytime as long as you follow the rules as per usual!

The seventh rank is Captain! Captain is the most highly respected rank in the prison and you live life the stylish way! You are now at the top of the ranks ladder but don't you worry! There is plenty more room for more in the future! ;)

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