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Visit our website at:

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ExodusPvP is a brand-new Faction PvP server. The admins and owners have always wanted to have a server of their own and their dream has come true.Our player base has been growing since day one and we love the feedback from EVERY single player.Our aim with this server is to become one of the most successful faction servers out there.

The spawn is ugly - what can we do to make it better?
How do I make a faction - we'll help you out.
Is someone harassing you - we will take care of it.

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Posted ImageDo not HACK or CHEAT in ANY way.
Posted ImageAdmins do NOT need permission to investigate ANYTHING!
Posted ImageEnglish in public chat only, your own language can be spoke in faction chat or whisper.
Posted ImageDo NOT join and ask for staff.
Posted ImageBe respectful to the admins.
Posted ImageYou ARE allowed to trash talk, just don't threaten each other.
Posted ImageHave fun!

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Our server is challenging. You only have an /f home and /spawn and ender pearls are disabled, as well as invisibility potions. Nobody will be hopping around while you battle. ExodusPvP is a learning experience for the admins and also the players. As admins, we don't ignore you in public chat, we communicate and become friends with each player on a personal level.

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I was banned, what do I do?
-You can appeal your ban at our website here

Can I have admin/op?
-No, please read our rules.

This server is unfairPosted Image
-You don't have to play!

Can I help you with this server?
-Bump and vote - that's how you can help us.

Can I apply for staff? (assuming you didn't beg me)
-Yes, you can apply on our website here

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