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Ptcruisercraft - Website:

Ptcrisercraft has been around for almost a year and a half! We are proud to say that all that we know what we're doing when it comes to running a server. We do our best to give our players a unique minecraft experience that other servers may not have. We welcome all new players to our growing community, and shoe away those who seek to harm anyone's gameplay. We do not permanently ban and have never permanently banned anyone. We will temporarily ban ips for longer periods of time if a person has access to multiple accounts and keeps breaking the rules on one account then switching to another. We do offer many other activities to players. Some activites include:

Factions with guns, airships, and plots!
Play with some friends and meet some people from across the world while playing in a very uniquely modified version of factions! Build a base and some airships in the custom world, then setup defensive mobs that attack players from enemied factions who try to raid your base! Keep your stuff protected by saving a lot of money and buying a plot! PvP your friends or a random person with guns to gain faction power, money, or just to have a little fun! Go through the dungeons and get overenchanted items that you can then use in PvP to have an advantage over your peers or even donors!

Normal factions with no unique add-ons!
Play plain old factions with mcMMo! Fight your friends with epic armor you get in the dungeon that is enchanted over the maximum enchant. Go out into the custom world and build a base. Live there with some friends and gain lot's of money by farming!

Kitpvp/Kitpve with guns!
Fight your friends, random people, or mobs with guns endlessly to rank up through the ranks to get better kits and own all of the little noobs. Build up your skills in fighting with guns in minecraft while having some fun!

Fight to survive in a 4000x4000 custom terrain control map where the water is toxic, and the biters are almost indestructable. Loot towns and villages across the map to get better items to defend yourself against other players and make the journey to the second island to get a special gun that can kill the almost indestructable zombies. PvP players you find to take their stuff. Survival of the fittest. If you fight, you will survive.

Zombie Survival
Fight waves of zombies in an arena of your choice to gain money and items. Use those items to PvP with, or use the money to buy more items or a storage room to store more items. Playing with friends makes the gameplay experience on this gamemode much more amusing!

3 PvP events every week.
1st event on Sunday (Stream day). This event is for youtubers and streamers to stream while playing with their fans. Baki961 will be present during these events if he can make it! 2nd event on Wednesday (Free for all day). This will just be an event where players who are participating will be given armor to fight to the death with. Winner will get a prize on the server of his/her choice. 3rd event on Saturday (Team day). The players participating in the event will be placed on teams. They will then have to fight the other teams until their own team runs out of lives.

Feel free to suggest ideas to a staff member or on our forums!

That is all we have on the server at the moment, but we are expanding every day, so, as a player, expect lot's of updates from our very active staff team! If you like what you've read and you want to come check us out then come on the server. The Ip can be found right here:

Have fun, ask a staff member for help if you need it, and have fun! Hope to see you on! :D

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