This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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CookieUniverse | Multiverse | Factions| 24/7


Welcome all cookies and ninjas to CookieUniverse. As we know it, the galaxy is filled with cookies. Please join us in the world fight off all the evil zombies that want to steal our cookies. Go to the build gates to build your home and other wonderful stuff to roam about.The End is nigh! Go into the end to fight the endermen and enderdragon! Or build cool bases andstructures! To getto the end do /warp CookieUniverse! Spleef at the spleef arena with friends doing /spl join! Survival Games! Join with friends and fight to the death! See who is the last man standing! Maybe make epic creations at Creative with fantastic plots! Play games at the GameLounge! Play Skyblock solo or with friends! Want to play acivilizedgame? We now have chess! If you are a brony or pegasister then join the My Little Pony world! Everything fun and all you need in Minecraft is here on CookieUniverse! And newly added, we now have Super Craft Bros Brawl! Enjoy out universe! New Game Type: SlapAttack! Slap players into lava using Knockback X Raw Fishes!

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