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-= Our Server =-
MADCraft MiniGames is a public MiniGames server made for the community to enjoy. We currently have Survival Games, Quake Craft and Prop Hunt and we plan on adding a bunch more MiniGames that the community suggest to us. If you have any MiniGame suggestions, Email them to info@m(Ad link removed).uk.

-= Survival Games =-
In the MADCraft Network, We feel that our players should only ever play on awesome entertaining Survival Games maps! That is why we have chosen some of the best most entertaining maps to showcase on ours server. The best 2 maps are private to VIP Members.

-= Quake Craft =-
Our QuakeCraft plugin was inspired by the plugin the famous Hypixel server uses. We even went as far as to re-create the maps so that players are familiar with them and can easily go on huge killstreaks without worrying about learning the map all over again.

-= Prop Hunt =-
Prop Hunt is a work in progress minigame and is currently exclusive to Premium Members as it is in Alpha. After a few testing staged the game will be released to all members to enjoy! Prop Hunt is a gamemode where players are disguised as a block and have to fine a place to hide so that the seekers don't kill them.

-= Important Links =-
We hope that you enjoy our server and have fun while playing all different types of minigames!

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