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Daedra Factions

Daedra Factions


Daedra Factions is the ultimate factions experience. We have the standard factions plugins along with economy and lots of other fun ones!

When joining the server you'll start as a thief and work your way up the ranks granting you access to more awesome stuff as you go!

We have a big shop with lots of stuff, here you can buy/sell things for your faction base. Join us today and begin your adventure including lots of raiding and PvP!

We're currently recruiting active staff members.

Things we've got:

  • Voting (Vote for great rewards)
  • PvP Arena (Fight your foes to the death in the intense PvP Arena)
  • Kits (Get stacked with good gear using yur kits! Every rank has it's own uniqe kit)
  • Economy (Buy the things you need for your faction base, or sell the stuff you don't need for some good money)
  • Autoranks (The more you play, the higer rank you'll have!)
  • Nice and friendly community and staff!
  • Updates! (We are always adding new stuff to the server!)
  • Events (we'll have events happening on a regular standard!)

So if you and your friends want the ultimate survival factions pvp experience, join us today!

There's currently a 50% sale on the webstore!

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