This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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All of these are also listed at spawn.
Ranks from top to bottom (The colors on the rank are the actual colors in the game.)

Server God:
You need to have all Armors, Weapons, Tools.
All work areas in home (Crafting Table, Anvil, Brewing area)
Defeated the Ender Dragon and grabbed its egg. (Yes there is a way to get the eggs and Ender Dragons do respawn)
Tamed 4 Wolves.

Diamond Player
Have every piece of Diamond Armor enchanted.
Have every Diamond weapon enchanted.
Have gained 'Trusted' rank at least once.

Have gained at least 500,000$ dollars in-game currency.

Traveled the world to get Diamond Horse armor.
Have gained at least 200,000$ dollars in-game currency.

Gained the trust of the server owner.
(This rank can be switched back to whenever you want, keeping your earned ranks.)

You've built a mansion and furnished all rooms. (In Survival)
Mansions must be at least 50x50 and have 8 rooms.

Expert (light green)
Gotten a Horse.
Built a stable.
Found some armor for the horse.

Survivalist (Light red, but not pink.)
Upgraded your home to stone bricks.
Made an Iron Weapon.
Made Iron Armor.

Made a mine.
Furnished your home.
Made a stone weapon.
Collected Iron.

You left spawn.
Found a friend (optional)
Collected basic materials.
Built a home.

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