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New Dawn Survival


New Dawn survival is a semi-vanilla single server with no hub ran by three adults who are interested in keeping gameplay vanilla with a few enhancements to make exploration and everything more fun and immersive overall.

Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for people to make amazing survival builds and engage in an economy that will make them feel like everything they do is valuable. When you build a nice build, you know its worth gold. Likewise if you're good with redstone because time is money. Almost anything in minecraft can be used to make gold ingots on our server as long as you take the time to figure out how.


Economy revoling around server shops and player shops using gold ingot as currency
PvP in the open world is disabled. We have a nice PvP arena and more in the works, including a PvP zone.
Grief protection. We will zone your build ourselves to protect it from any damage.
Every biome is within 3000 blocks of spawn and within 2000 blocks of x0 y0
Warps leading 5000 blocks from spawn located on our N, E ,S and W color coded roads.
The ability for members to set home. This makes it possible to explore farther and longer.
Lockette chest protection. More information on the website.

This is a new server, but we have the infrastructure necessaryto support a large serer. Come join us now and take the opportunity to get some good land!

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