This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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[1.5.1] Enternal PvP


Hello and welcome to ENTERNAL PVP this is a PvP & Op server. This server is highly protected so DONT try to hack or do anything against the rules.

Remember! If you see anyone breaking rules or hacking just contact a server administrator on the server at the time or click on contact us and send a message and we will be on it right away!

The rules are:

1- No hacks!

2- No cheating!

3- No one can give out any rank or you will be banned.

4- You can no longer get op instantly from having good gear and inviting 4 people, instead you go up one rank and you have to invite 6 people.

5- If you sign up you have a chance of getting admin or moderator.

6- The server will be restarting a lot because of new plugins or because of server maintenance.

7- You can not disobey and rank higher than you.

8- If you have access to /gamemode 1 you can not use it.

9- Every once a day you can use /kit (kit).

10- You can not change your name or it will result in a temp ban and get your name changed back.

11- Most co-owners talk through the console so someone might always be on.



Owner(s)- adamrobertson12, maxis0s

Co-Owner(s) (Console)- PyR0ManIac

Co-Owner(s)- obsidianpheonix



Op(s)- legocraft100

Admin(s)- ThePersonOn, SyntaxSquid

Head-Moderator(s)- Lucky_C

Moderator(s)- cunac, ElgarL, Wattoman2, xXToxicFartXx

Donator(s)- XXXExCiSiOnXXX, SyntaxSquid


Elite(s)- jamesnightinale, thetimmygo

YouTube(s)- lachie000

VIP(s)- AckeA, ethen121, Silentblade421, quantumknight200, Israphel127, Kelleherjames, TheGlobeRM

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