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Welcome to APOC Gaming!

APOC gaming has been around since 2001! We are a dedicated self-hosted server hub with 11 servers!

We have donation ranks and benefits to players who play on our servers for long periods of time.

We give our players the ability to buy supporter packs FREE through getting in store credit through voting!

We have a brand new designed spawn layout with tons of features, including:
• Admin Shop
• Player Shops with purchasable and rentable lots!
• Minigames!! (TDM, FFA, CTF, Spleef, and more!)

If you are interested visit for more info!

More APOC Servers!

Tekkit Main:
Tekkit Lite:
Tekkit Classic:
Big Dig:

Custom Modpack Servers:
APOC Gaming Tech & RPG Modpack
This modpack was created to make a better, more stable, less buggy technic modpack.
With over 160 mods in the pack combining all technic modpacks into one.
This modpack is fully up to date, no crashes, no performance issues, no id conflicts.
We have our server addresses built in along with optimized settings for all the client side mods in our pack including:

• Optifine
• Optileaves
• FPS Plus
• Armor Bar
• Buff Bar
• Not Enough Items
• Not Enough Codecs
• Not Enough Keys
• NEI Plugins
• NEI Addons
• Waila
• Zans Minimap
• Client-Side Java Garbage Collection - Every 5 seconds unloads unused classes, textures, and chunks from memory to save as much ram on your system as possible.
Launcher Needed: Technic Launcher
Modpack Files Needed: Tech & RPG Modpack @
Technicpack Link:
Server Address:
To add modpack to launcher click ADD MODPACK on the left side of your launcher and paste the platform url on the technic modpack page.

APOC Gaming Agrarian Skies Modpack
This is the normal FTB AGS Modpack and is join able by launching AGS 3.1.4 from your FTB launcher to join our server. However for those who like technic we have made our own technic pack for you as well and included all of our client side mods for performance.
Launcher Needed: FTB Launcher
Modpack Files Needed: 3.1.4 on FTB Launcher
Modpack Needed: APOC AGS Modpack @
Technicpack Link:
Launcher Needed: Technic Launcher
Server Address:

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