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LegendarySMP - Towny, mcMMO, Mob Arena, Great Staf




LegendarySMP is a hardcore survival server. PvP and Mobs are turned! The game difficulty is set to Hard for the max survival skills to jump into place. Creepers, Endermen, Lava, Tnt, and Fire Spread are all turned off creepers and endermen still spawn but dont take blocks or explode. We have MobArena so you can earn money and prizes as you play. We try to make it as much like real life as we can.



  1. No Griefing or Stealing
  2. No Racism
  3. No Spamming or Advertising
  4. No Offensive Creations
  5. No Hacks or Mods
  6. Don't Ask For Admin
  7. Don't Ask For Spawned Items
  8. Have Respect
  9. No Extreme Usage of Foul Language
  10. Have Fun



MobArena - Fight Mobs For Money and Rewards

PvP - Player vs Player Killing

IConomy - Money System

Shops - Buy and Sell Things

Votifier - Vote Daily For 5 Diamonds

Lottery - Gamble To Win Big Money

LWC - Lock Your Chests and Doors


HawkEye - We will know if you grief and therefore ban you

Custom Plugins - Custom Plugins Made By The Owner IcyRelic



ALL donations are used to pay for the server no donation will be used for IcyRelic's personal use.

To view each donation package goto

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