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Join us for the grand opening of ChaosCraftPvp! All players are welcome. Multiple events such as Staff raid, GIANT pvp, free for all, FREE donations, and more!Use /f create to create your own faction and set off to your own Chaotic Adventure!

What Is ChaosCraft?

ChaosCraft is the result of multiple long-playing faction players wanting to put multiple players through the same experience they had gone through before. This servers has plenty to do such as participating in the many events the staff create. Whether it's destroying hoards of giants with your faction to obtain that one godly sword or building and destroying bases, you will never get tired. The server itself holds multiple services that will leave you excited for every twist in turn your experience will take you through. ChaosCraft holds an area of 6000X6000 blocks, and will soon be expanding to 10000x10000 to 20000x20000 as the server expands. ChaosCraft wouldn't be anything without the players!

What does This Server Have?

During the grand opening, the server will revolve on mainly factions. However, in the future, multiple event areas will be made where events will constantly be going on every day. Currently, factions is the main service.

What are some of the main plugins?

The current plugins you will see often include Player Auctions, Lotteries, MCMMO, Factions, Vote Rewards, and SpawnerMiner. These are not, however, all the plugins and services this server gives, so look at the server before making a decision!

What can I do here?
Where it's raiding, pvping, or building you're base, you'll never get tired of ChoasCraft. Our staff here provide constant events on the server, so you'll never be bored. So what are you waiting for? Join ChaosCraft today!

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