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ColdIce Factions

ColdIce Faction has been around for a week as of Yesterday (Tuesday 7th September 2015)
We have very dedicated staff members and are always looking for new recruits, (This does not mean however, you should join us just to ask for staff...)

Start a faction! Invite your friends! Make alliances! Make enemies!
Dominate the faction world!

Soon To Come:

  • Custom Dungeons
  • Timed Events (Such as loot crates spawning)
  • Quiz
  • Mob Arena

What we have to offer:

  • Factions

  • Mcmmo

  • Buycraft

  • Vote Rewards

  • A Fun Community

  • Intricate Spawn Design

  • Dedicated Staff Team

  • TheRaidingDan, ItsNotElliot

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