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Hello, my name is AfroChikken, and I am the owner of mcEnhanced. I hope to make the server the best thing that has ever happened to you. Ever.

What is it?
mcEnhanced is the most community oriented server. Ever. Everything from minigames to survival games maps are suggested and provided by you, on our forums. We have people check every week to make sure that the ideas are good enough and they work for the server, and then they go up the ladder to our decision staff, and then they work out the technical details, and then they go to me to be put into the server/coded out.

What is possible?
Literally, anything. We have the most amazing dev team ever, and therefore, the sky is the limit.

What's available right now?
Right now, were going to have to be a Factions PvP server until we can make enough money to not only support the first server, but another one too.

Not only that, but we also try to be the most transparent server ever, showing our earnings, and how much the server bill is per month, and that way you'll feel inclined to help us out.

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