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Emerald Hills (Survival)


Hello Minecrafters, Dannysan626 speaking, (or typing if you want to get literal)

    I recently RE-OPENED my Minecraft survival server! There is tons and tons of unexplored land and caves for you to rummage through and get to the good stuff first! We have great staff (only 2 Co-Owners for now but you can apply if you feel like you could make the cut to be one of my starting mods!) Well instead of boring you with history on my server, let me start telling you what you have access to on my server =D

Donations - We put a lot of time and money to run the server for you guys and to fix any issues whenever we can. We also need Donations to upgrade to a better Computer to run the server on and hopefully be able to run the server 24/7. If you donate, there will be special Donator ranks (listed below) that you can earn! If you choose to donate, we do ask that you make sure that if you are under 18, that you have permission from your parents or guardians to donate, and if you are of age, that you please make sure you have the money to even donate. Thank You!

PvpArena - Not done yet, we are working on a PVP Colosseum with 3 different fields, one for regular PVP, one for Capture the Flag Arena, and another for Team PVP with 4 teams! As I said, we haven't finished this, but I guarantee it will bring fun to the server!

Plugins - Here is a list, if you do not know how to use these plugins, type /help in-game instead of asking other players or staff "how do I do this". Or even try Google! Thanks.

  • Chairs
  • Essentials
  • JukeboxChanger
  • Linksonsigns
  • mcMMO
  • ProtectionStones
  • pvparena

Shops - We have a set amount of shops t only help you a little along your adventure. we have 8 Shops, Farm, Protection Stones Shop, Riches Shop (sell iron, gold, diamond, and emerald. there is no buying from this shop),Armory, Redstone Shop, Mob Drops Shop, and Home Improvement Shop.

Ranks - There are a total of 11 ranks available to you on the server! they are as follows:

  • Visitor: you get this rank when you first log on without registering on the site (register info below)

  • Member: you get this rank by Registering on the server website at, Plus when you register, you can get info about the server, news on changes or updates, or even just talk to your fellow Minecrafters on the same server as you!

  • Donator: You get this rank by donating $40 to our server! Info about these next few ranks are on the server for you to read about and really see if you want them =)

  • Donator2: You get this rank by donating $80 to our server!

  • Donator3: You get this rank by donating $120 to our server!

  • VIP-Iron - You purchase this Rank off the server webstore for $5. It lasts a month and has a Great Kit! You get all the commands from Donator3. Purchasing this rank is easier and cheaper than donating the full $120 to the server, but as I said before, does expire after 1 month. Also, another warning, all the money put towards these ranks will NOT count as donations towards the server, they are treated separately and donations are handles in a different way.

  • VIP-Gold: You purchase this rank off the server webstore for $10. It lasts 2 months and has a Better Kit.

  • VIP-Diamond: You purchase this rank off the server webstore for $15. It lasts 4 months and has a more expensive Kit.

  • VIP-Emerald: You purchase this rank off the server webstore for $20. It lasts 8 months and has an extremely expensive Kit.

  • Mod: In order to ever become a mod, you have to apply in the forums on the server website. If you ask In-game, you do have a chance of being Kicked from game or even Banned.

  • Admin: This one is earned through trust and respect. and you must be a mod before we ever consider you to become one of our trusted Admins!

Now that you have read a little taste of the server, I hope you consider joining because we enjoy having players to make the community flourish and grow! We respect and value our players and have never abused our powers on them (if you ever catch an officer doing so, report them in the forums on the server site and they will be dealt with)

So heres the Ip:

We hope to see you guys on the server!

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