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Galactic Frontier


Begin Transmission.

After 60 years of hibernation, you have woken up on a strange spaceship... realizing that humanity has abandoned earth to escape from the excessive pollution. All of mankind are sheltered on the ship. However, humanity cannot shelter on the ship forever, and will need a safe, alternative world can fit the needs of people.
In order to successfully find a world, the powers of humanity have chosen YOU to go and explore the worlds around you so mankind can once again prosper. We have supplied the proper equipment for you to start your journey and train yourself so you can adapt successfully to the Frontier. Welcome to Galactic Frontier, and we hope you enjoy your stay.

What do we have?

  • Factions Raid World
  • Creative
  • Skyblock
  • MobArena
  • Parkour (in construction)

What else are we adding?

  • Paintball
  • More Arenas for each minigame
  • Spleef

Free Server Ranks:
Scout - Get 4 hours of server playtime!

  • Reward: /kit scout!
    Explorer - Get 10 hours of server playtime!
  • Reward: /kit explorer!

Trooper - Achieve 200 player kills and 48 hours of server playtime!

  • Reward: /kit trooper!
    Commander - Get a faction with 350 player kills and 60 hours of server playtime!
  • Reward: /kit commander
    Champion - Complete scout, explorer, commander, and trooper.
  • Reward: An epic Prot. 4 diamond set/tools

Donator Ranks:
Lunar - Donate $10
Eclipse - Donate $18
Vega - Donate $25
Nova - Donate $40
SuperNova - Donate $65+

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