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Here we are!
One of the PVP arenas
Mob arena! Fun!
Mob arena again! A boss!

Welcome to Endless War Gaming Minecraft Server!

We at endless war gaming believe in making this server the best for you guys. We will try to have staff on 24/7 to help the players in anything they need.

EWG is a community that likes the fact of raiding and PVP, but also likes the aspect of building things as you please, so we smashed these 2 concepts together! Our server is a Towny War server, meaning that every Friday at around 5pm Central time, Towny war is declared. When towny war is declared it will usually run about 1-2 (sometimes 3) days. During this time, all towns are thrown into war, and nations, and they can raid each other for supplies, break blocks, launch TNT cannons to break walls to get in, and set fire. But during the other time, we allow free build in towns that you are apart of or in the wilderness. You can make NEARLY anything you want as long as it follows server rules (obviously no swastikas). So we hope you join us and join in on our wars, remember the more that play the better it will be!

Towny, BOSeconomy, MOB ARENA, Chestshop, MCMMO, Permissions, Jobs,PVParena, Skyblock, Survivalgames (BEING ADDED)

The Economy
The economy is run by jobs. You are able to join 2 jobs, the 2 most common are soldier and miner due to their pay, and you earn money for doing tasks. With these tasks, the money you earn can be spent on the admin shop items or you can buy a town and a nation with it. Towns are only 1k, while nations are 100k. Jobs are an important part to this server, and they REALLY help if you are raided but you have a lot of money, so don't forget to get one if you join!

Mob arena is added WITH custom arenas and CUSTOM BOSSES, CUSTOM CLASSES, and CUSTOM WAVES.
Let this be your new passtime while preparing for wars, AND gain supplies needed for wars such as diamonds and other much needed supplies. Suggest bosses/classes OR maps to us and we will approve them on our site!

PVP arena added and you can now fight WITHOUT the consequence of losing items! Join up and try it out, score high on the arenas! Suggest classes/maps to us and we will add it!

Gods Plugin
This plugin allows you to START your own god or JOIN an existing god. IF the god is happy and powerful, you can be given enchants to your tools, or tools/food when you need it. It can also be used to Curse your enemies before a fight to the point where they join you. However, if your god is angry, you can feel the wrath of skeletons and curses on his own believers, the stronger he is, the worse the curses are.
Grow your god by recruiting players, Become a priest and write a holy bible! Make Temples, and fight for your god, do quests, get godly items that track kills with that item, and select the god type you want by the altar you make!

Towny wars will be triggered and every nation will be forecd into entry. During this time you can raid, pvp, destroy in ANY TOWN no matter what their perms are. Steal from your enemies before they steal from you! Nations that knock out other nations during these wars so the last nation standing will recieve a VERY generous prize as a spoils of war. TOWNY WARS EVERY FRIDAY!
War will go as follows: War will be declared on Friday around 5 (Time will change depending when an admin will get on). Then everyone is allowed to raid enemy towns, blowing up walls to get into towns, destroying PARTS of houses to get into their chests. Then you can steal all of the supplies in chests etc.

Some rules are of course no hacking, no racism, no sexism, and the rest are in the server.

Donator perks are online and you can check them out on our site.

Come join us at
We will be having a member rank soon for those who sign up! It will have additional commands.

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