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Supercraft Servers 2.0 - The New Era!
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Hello and Welcome to The New Era of the Supercraft Servers!
My name is Superhaccer if you have been here before you know what to expect a bunch of load crazy people just doing what we love, but if not there are a few things you need to know!!!

Supercraft Servers was originally a Pixelmon server running from Mid 2013 to Late 2014 doing extremely well untill what we like to call "The Pixelmon Downfall" happened and lots of these servers started closing thus us taking the fall with them.

Now we are back with something brand new and exhiting for you!! a New Survival experiance where you build our town (Not Directly but you do build it) we drop you right into the action send you off to build and then come back and move your amazing builds to our city where we will create the best city MINECRAFTIA has ever seen!!

So how does this work?
To say it simply you build your bace do what you need to do, then you build a nice building, house, shop or just whatever you want, then submit it to us and within a few days see your builds bring Craftington to life!!

Our Plans:
Basically from here with your help we plan to expand out into all areas of Minecraft with a Planned Creative, FactionPVP, Op Prison & Skyblock Modes, And also the option to expand out into Minigames!!! and if youve been with us before you know we have the ability to complte this but only with your help

So we hope to see you around the Supercraft Website & Servers, for More Server info including plugins scroll down other than that. See you in Craftinton!!

Love Superhaccer


  • Essentials
  • Group Manager
  • Multiverse
  • VoteCrates
  • LinksOnSigns
  • HideFeed
  • RandomTP
  • ChestShop
  • Auction
  • Greif Prevention
  • & Many More
    (Also Taking Good Plugin Suggestions from players on the forum)

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