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MobAPA is a server that gives a new definition to the word hardcore. The servers game mode runs around a plugin called monster apocalypse. This plugin makes all of the mobs in the game a lot more difficult to kill. For example skeletons now shoot explosive arrows. When you first join the game you will notice that there is a kit selection. All kits must be bought on the website except for wood. If you do not have money do not worry though because you can buy most of the items you can get in a kit, in our shop. To buy Items in the shop you must play the game and try to kill mobs. Mobs will drop money depending on how hard the mob is to kill. It is a great action packed game mode that never has a dull moment. MobAPA is the plugin that helps this whole thing run a lot more smoother. It makes signs able to teleport you around and send you into the game lobby. In a nutshell it makes your experience a lot smoother and easy so you can have a better time. If you are playing this game and you notice that you are not regenerating health, this is not a bug, we made it this way so it would be more of a challenge for you. You can still regenerate health because we sell regeneration potions and golden apples in the shop so don't worry.

Also Use The Promo Code: MobAPA for 25% off all Items in shop at

Remember when you join please read all the info before you join. Also If you wait to get into at-least 1 game I guarantee you will get hooked on it!

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