This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Survival server | MineGamesism


Welcome to the server page!
(have any questions? post them on the forums)

The server has the best plugins to make old school "surviving" 300% more fun!
The server has the following worlds:

-Factions (The main spawn) In this world griefing is ok, you can break what you want!
-NON-PVP survival (portal) This is the survival world without PVP and no GRIEFING.
-PVP survival (portal) This is the survival world with PVP and no GRIEFING
-VIP survival (portal) this world is for all user with the rank higher than VIP the change of you getting griefed is 0.001%!
-VIP creative (portal) this is also for every rank higher then VIP free to build in creative and have fun!

  • If you get griefed in any other world then the factions world, we will see it with plugins and ban the griefer for ever!
    Do you want vip? go to the shop.
    Hier zijn de regels houd je je er niet aan dan raak je in de problemen!

[1] Do not grief! only in the "factions" world (spawn) | Griefing = PermBan!
[2] Spawn trapping in any world is not allowed | you will get banned for 10-100 hours!
[3] Swearing is taken very seriously, things like "fuck" is allowed, but not once you start using the illnesses you get banned | You get 144 hours banned for swearing!
[4] have respect for others!
[5] Always listen to moderators and the owner if they ask a normal question | if you do not do this you will be kicked or banned 10-50 hours!
[6] glitch / cheat | you will be jailed for 100 hours!
[7] Do not send hate on both the server and the website | you'll be banned!

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