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CubedCraft PvP. The Greatest Factions Server Ever.

  • What are we?

We are a new Factions 1.7.9 Minecraft server with important and useful plugins, such as Obsidian Destroyer, Auctions, Factions, and mcMMO.

  • Why us?

We provide lightning-fast hardware to enhance your Minecraft experience, which means no more lag while PvPing.
We are not a server run by 14-year old inexperienced kids. We are professional, experienced Minecraft server owners, ready to provide you with the best Factions server there is.

  • Features
    mcMMO - No more Overpowered players running around, the skills are balanced
    Factions - Create a team of friends and conquer the server
    Shop - Buy and sell tons of different items
    Tokens - Earn tokens and spend them on valuable items

ObsidianDestroyer - Blow up obsidian in 3 hits

Auctions - Auction off your items for money

Fishing drops - Chance of getting a Hero Sword when you fish!

  • Donating and Voting

You can help out by donating at , where you can view and buy all of our available packages.
You can vote for us by going to and clicking the voting links.

  • Join us

You can join us with the IP:

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