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~ tamayura 35 ~ Creative Minecraft Server


Alright, first of all, a disclaimer is in order. ~ tamayura 35 ~, is by no means an RPG server. It's not a PvP server either. We don't have clans, we don't have factions, in fact, we don't even have donations - we don't need your money, we're only focused on doing one single thing - using Minecraft to express our creativity. Because if you can recall, that's where Minecraft all began. No mobs, no weapons, just a blank sheet, and building blocks. A true sandbox game. That distant memory of Minecraft, is what we, as a server, try to recreate. We try to bring back what drew everyone into Minecraft in the first place - the endless possibilities, the endless fun, and most importantly, the endless amounts of creativity that could be expressed through it. "I enjoy the freedom of the blank page" - Irvine Welsh, Scottish author. A blank page, is exactly what ~ tamayura ~ is - an endless sea of possibilities, a blank canvas for you to explode the greatest of your imagination through.

~ tamayura 35 ~
Worldedit for all.
Automated protection of builds.
Hourly backups.
Creative Mode, obviously.

Our gratitude is yours.

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