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Description: The Server AvastMC is a fun server that has many great things to offer. Stay tuned and keep reading to fined out what the server has to off to You! Well First thing is it has a Good community so if you are on the younger side and your parents do not allow foul language we have it blocked! For the older models sorry we have this but it is to provide a good community to all players Young or Old. We have Factions! This awesome plugin allows you and your' friends to Team up and work together to become the top faction on the server! You can ally some friends you recently met so you cant hurt them in pvp and you can enemy them so you can hurt people in there claimed territory! Which brings me to my next subject you can claim land so it is harder for figures to get inside of your base. We also allow PvP this stands for Player vs. Player which allows you to go into combat with another player and try to kill them.

We also have McMMo this is something that allows you to have levels in your swords, axes, mining, etc. But the higher the level the better you do! For example the higher the swords skill the more damage you do! With this plugin you have special abilities when you click the right mouse button while using that specified item is does something like makes you mine faster or do more damage during pvp! You can also donate for points and redeem them to whatever skill you want to for cheap prices.

We have Mob Arena this is a plugin that takes you to a location and lets you choose a class and you fight waves upon waves of deadly mobs you get prices the more rounds you survive this is also better for getting up your swords and bow skill in McMMo by killing the mobs. Your McMMo goes up fast when you are on the lower levels but with this plugin and donating for points it will be up in no time!

We have /1v1 this teleports you to an arena where you get a blaze rod you walk or run up to someone and you right click them and they have to right click you back and you are teleported to a location in the arena where only you guys can fight each other and you duel 1 on 1 and the person to die loses you are given a Diamond armor and soup which brings me to the next topic!

We have Soup PvP this is a plugin where while you are dieing if you eat soup it heals your hearts by 3.5 hearts per soup so it is really useful during pvp or just traveling in general if you are dying by mobs it is faster then regular golden apples and more efficient then God or Golden apples either way.

This is a Raiding server so if your base doesn't have items that you had the night before and you are scared a admin took them they didnt you were probably raiding meaning stuff was taken out of your base while you were there or werent.

We have Obsidian Breaker this lets you break obsidian with tnt.

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