This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Create your town, add new players, rule over the server! We use the popular yet amazing Towny plugin. Find out the commands for Towny in the user manual.

An exciting and different game mode to other Minecraft Servers! The Zombies have taken over! Watch out, they're fast and can track you down in an instant, especially at night!

Play this amazing survival world where the allegiances of the Towny plugin are strained in this all out survival of the fittest game mode! Only the strongest survive in the onslaught of the undead!

Zombie damage causes you to be confused, to slow down and ultimately fall prey to stronger players around you or the horde itself.

Keep checking your XP bar to see how visible you are to the zombies who will run at you when you get too close! They don't burn in the sunlight either leaving you no respite from the destruction!

Your safest place is up high and to not go out at night! And don't build your shelter out of wood, or dirt! Zombies can destroy almost anything! Even burrow under your house or into your mineshaft!

Brand new and ready to go our SkyBlock Server!

Start your own SkyBlock arena, create a party and invite your friends! There are no limits to what you can do at CurvyCraft. Complete the SkyBlock challenges or rage quit and start again! Your SkyBlock is yours and you can come back to it whenever you like, it's even protected from other players and you can ban or invite who you want!

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