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The Prosperous Kingdoms


What We Offer:

~ Ranks:Ranks can be earned by serving your king well, achieving great feats, or donating!

~ Player Run World: The players make the decisions, the kingdoms, the trade, the world, and even the history!

~ Clan Run Server: Trusted people to help run the server, we all have plenty of experience being unfairly banned too, so we will not ban lightly

~ Pets: Upon putting on some help (posting your ign on our forum page), you recieve a free pet! Others can be achieved through donating or other (to be decided) means!

~ Gods: Gods will grant gifts to kingdoms that produce large monuments & eventually punish those that do not with natural disasters or plague!

~ Mob Arena: Mini games to help players relax from the intense world that we have created.

~ Kingdoms: Players develop and create large kingdoms that can be peaceful, war mongering, or whatever you want!

~ Treaties: All treaties signed by two groups are permanent when an admin gets the treaty book! Consequences of betraying the treaties can be listed, if they are not, they are by default a ban!

~ Harsh World: Plants grow only in their specific biomes! This makes farming much more realistic! Water sources cannot be moved... Strategic settlement will be the difference between wealth or destruction of your civilization!

Plant Biomes:
Cactus ~ Desert
Carrots ~ Forest, Forest Hills
Cocoa ~ Jungle, Jungle Hills
Melon ~ Jungle, Jungle Hills
Nether Wart ~ Nether (Hell)
Potatoe ~ Extreme Hills
Pumpkin ~ Taiga, Taiga Hills
Sugar Cane ~ Beach, Swamp
Wheat ~ Plains, River
Birch ~ Forest, Forest Hills, Taiga, Taiga Hills
Jungle ~ Jungle, Jungle Hills
Spruce ~ Forest, Forest Hills, Taiga, Taiga Hills
Oak ~ All Biomes
Brown Mushroom ~ Mushroom Island, Mushroom Shore
Red Mushroom ~ Mushroom Island, Mushroom Shore

~ Infernal Mobs: Super strong mini bosses that spawn randomly! If you manage to defeat one, you may get super enchanted gear!

~ Armor HUD: Allows you to see the durability on your armor during pvp!

~ Kits: Kits to help you get started and get goodies every so often!

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