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Reign Towny!


Reign is a Towny Adventure server where you get to adventure out of your town if you choose, we have ruins with cool loot and plenty of mobs that drop fun items! We have vote crates that give you OP loot and crates you can donate for with over level 20 enchantments! Every player has access to player vaults! Donators get access to trails and pets, even gamemode 1 to help build your town! After 3 days of gameplay you rank up to the highest non-donatable rank and get extra perms! We have a great community of players who are very talkative and willing to help eachother out! PvP is enabled and we have an arena if you're into that sort of thing, we have many great players. If you're interested in a great adventure and quest to find tons of fun loot, Reign is the server for you! Where will your next adventure be? REIGN.MCPRO.EU!

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