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Mid Lane Gaming


Welcome to our Minecraft Server's page!

We are currently in the: Beta stage of our server.

Our server is based around popular online game 'League of Legends', a MOBA
game with a huge following and us being a few of those followers!

We want to bring some of the lore from League of Legends to our server and
to have real-time events, keeping content fresh at all times!

Minecraft servers are usually just some bundle they bought on a hosting site with some plugins slapped on. We want to really focus on our server lore-wise and balance-wise. It's for this reason our server's economy system will be regulated, so for those of you who like diamonds raining down on them this
is definitely not for you.

Prizes will be given for events / challenges in the form of in-game credits that
can be used in the store.

When our server is fully up and running and we will begin the 'Road to Challenger' initiative. What is this I bet you're thinking? Well as fans of the
League tier system we have also included the Challenger rank, only one user
per month will be able to claim their spot as the server's challenger and be
Immortalised on the 'Challenger Wall'. After the month has passed the previous winner will be demoted to diamond however will retain their
/kit Challenger which includes a nice package to help them in battle, the specifics of these rewards are to be exposed only by the challenger themselves if they so choose to.

All our Diamond users will receive an invitation to this 'Road to Challenger' event and will consist of 10 members. We will arrange when all 10 users are available and from there they will be able to compete in challenges with a wide range of skills from pvp, to building, to parkour challenges and other
challenges we will not unveil till the event takes place.

All these zones will be out of bounds before the event starts but will be freely
available to use to anyone after our challenger is chosen.
(Will be set to out of bounds 1 week before next challenger circuit)
All commands will be blocked within these areas also.

We are looking for an extra staff member to join our team so if you are interested then please read the diamond wall at spawn.
You will be picked based on both your in-game time/contribution/activity and
your application, think of it as a 50/50 process.
Our application process is done by submitting your application via hopper at spawn written on a Book and Quill.

We look forward to seeing you in the game!

As a note on donations:
All donations we take in will go towards hosting of the server, we would love
to expand and reach more users out there and that is a huge problem without enough slots and advertising - all donors are thanked in the Demacian Castle (Gold floating castle in the sky above spawn (spawn of which will be re-designed as it's current state is just for our beta testing))

Server IP:

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