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TT Factions [1.7.2 + Blocks] [Bukkit] [Factions]




Player Rules:
Respect staff
Use common sense (Do not be an idiot etc.)
No spamming
Keep capitals to a low
No asking for rank up e.g. Staff
No asking for creative or items
Don't complain in the chat that a member of staff is doing something wrong, if you have concerns msg me (TinyTom38) them and i will look into it
Have fun

Owner: TinyTom38
Head Admin: Eittin3
Head Mod: Humb0ldt1
Admins: mytimetravels, Burnsie666
Moderator: CreeperBait

The server uses Factions with grief and PvP enabled so people can raid other factions. The server has some fun things to do besides killing other players and raiding such as mob arena where you can go alone or join up with others to see how long u can last in a arena against mobs gaining rewards per round. In total there is 4 arenas available accessible via /warp mobarena
On the server there is also then skywars, skyblock a creative world and survival games avaliable to play. Just ask and someone will most likely join!

Rank System:

The server uses a quite unique ranking system with players being able to rank up via the amount of time played allowing people who play more to unlock things and be noticed with their rank. There is also then 5 donation ranks available upgrading in tiers (and price) like the free ranks available via play time, each rank also gets what the previous rank gets via inheritance.

Additional Notes
TTCraft Server || Bukkit || Semi-Hub || PvP || Friendly Staff || Minigames || Skyblock || Survival || Creative || Survival Games ||

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