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Factions, McMMO, Fastfood, Paintball, Obsidian Destroyer, Custom Plugins, ScoreboardStats

Our Custom Plugins create very different strategies of PvP and Factions, which help make this server so much more challenging, and fun at the same time! Fastfood is a plugin which makes food heal your health bar as well as your hunger bar, and it is eaten instantly! This helps you go back to the old days when eating a Cooked Porkchop would heal you instantly. We have custom built Paintball arenas which are good for taking your mind off of sword PvP, or off of creating the perfectly "indestructible" base! Obsidian is not what you may think on our server, where obsidian can be blown up by TnT! (It takes about 5 explosions of TnT or Creepers to destroy obsidian.) Choose your friends wisely with Factions, and bear in mind, Inside raiding is allowed! If you are tired of servers where you cannot raid a single person because of Lockette, or obsidian bases, then come on in and join RiotcraftPvP, where the community is the server!

1: Do not use any hacks or modded clients (Optifine is allowed)
2: Do not spam at all (This includes commands)
3: Advertising servers is a ban worthy offense (This includes advertising our server on any other servers)
4: Raiding, griefing, betraying, scamming, and trolling are allowed!
5: Do NOT lie about donating (We will not be giving any refunds to anyone, under any circumstances)
6: Do not be an asshole to any staff
7: Do not insult anyone's family
8: Swearing, racism, and being a biggot are allowed!
9: Do not DDoS or DoS anyone on the server, or the server itself (A police investigation will be launched for any attacks on our server)
10: Don't complain when you die

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