This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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verock network


Verock Netowork is a Factions server intending to be a Hub. Brand new out of the box we offer:

  • No lag
  • Staff support
  • Factions PvP
  • GUI shop
  • great donation prices
  • and Bounties you can place on people

The rules of the server are:

Hacked clients are not allowed! (Nodus, Huzuni, etc,)
Approved mods are allowed! (Minimap, Optifine, ArmorHUD)
Advertisment results in a permanent ban!
Discrimination will result in a mute! (racism, sexual talk, etc.)
Respect staff, we try our hardest!
Ban results in ip ban as well!
DDOS threats are not allowed!
Scamming is allowed!
Spamming in chat results in an instant kick!
Speaking in all caps results in a mute!
Go home, you're drunk. YOU'RE NOT FROM PMC!

Donation terms and conditions:

You agree that the PayPal account you use is yours and you are solely responsible to anything caused to it. There is a no-refund policy, unless you do not recieve your perk/perks, then a full refund will be given. You may not mis-use your perk. The Owners/Admin's of the server have the right to remove your perk at any time if you are suspected of mis-using it. If you are banned you still do not get a refund as you accepted the rules by donating. If the server suddenly stops and it has been officially announced on THIS website that it has closed down, you will still not get a refund. If the money was sent by accident, you will still not get a refund. If you donate $5 on 2 separate occasions then that does not equate to $10 you get the $5 perks twice unless stated otherwise by BMX4life30 If you fail to read this and you still donate you will not get a refund for ANY reason.


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