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Hey there and welcome to the Brand NEW Retronix Craft! Currently we offer Survival Gamemode play with Grief Prevention, you know, that little golden shovel option! For each hour that you play, you will acquire 100 blocks of protection for up to a total of 2500! So if you're looking to build something BIG, we got your back!

A few rules to keep in mind:

No Grief!
No harassment/racism/biggotry
We are a FRIENDLY community and plan to keep it that way!
Do not ask for OP or creative mode as you will not get it.
Always respect and do as the Owners and staff ask you to do.
If you need any assistance with anything, please do not hesitate to ask.
Do no spam our chat! We like to keep it clean!
No floating trees!
No modded clients unless you are using Optifine or have been granted permission by staff to use one.
Absolutely NO X-Ray cheats or non-Minecraft launchers. You WILL BE caught!
PvP is allowed in NON-PROTECTED areas ONLY!
No cheating whatsoever, and again, you will be caught eventually!

Since we are new, we are starting out small with just the grief protection survival mode. More gameplay options will become available with more players.

We are committed to you and making your stay with us a pleasant one! Long term players will receive random rewards for their dedication at staff members perrogative!

Hope to see you there!

With many thanks,

The RetronixCraft Staff Team

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