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Welcome player to the icon gaming advertisement page!

If you are viewing this, it means you have either been sent here by one of our community members, or you have been sent here by one of our automated spam bots that join random servers and selfishly advertise our own servers!

Either way, we promise you will not be dissappointed in what you see!

Our minecraft community is just starting out, we currently host only 1 server, a factions server, but as we grow, we aim to add more servers and gametypes to our system of servers!

That's great and all, but what makes us the type of server you would want to make your new home?

Well my friend, that is an easy one!

Our community is run by mature, 18 and older staff members.
Our staff is handpicked, trained, and monitored by our senior staff team, to guaruntee a fun, corruption free, mature, yet enjoyable gaming enviroment.
We understand that cursing, trash talk, and hate is going to be prevelant, after all it is the internet, therefore our staff only steps in, when things get out of hand.
We have at least 1 active staff member online at all times of the day, making getting in touch with us for any reason, simple, and reliable.
We offer donation ranks, but we strive to ensure that those who do not have the means to donate, are not simply destroyed by those who pay to rank up.
We aim to offer a fair, and exciting community type gameplay enviroment where our players are as much a part of the family as our staff members!

We also have plans of expansion!

Once we begin seeing a large number of regular players, and once we have a steady flow of donators and donations (because servers are not free) we are aiming to open more servers, with more gametypes, and we aim to expand our community even more!
The future plans for our community include:
A Non-op prison server.
Op Factions
Kit PvP

and whatever else we find to be entertaining enough to throw into our pot of server-gametype stew!

While we are small, we are growing, and to help us do so, all you have to do, is take this pages link, and pass it on to your friends!

We appreciate the support of our community, without you, this server would not exsist!

icon gaming founder
icon gaming server owner

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