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ActionPVP -> Custom Minigames -> DTC, TDM, FFA, CT


Here at ActionPVP we didn't just want to build a Minecraft server, we wanted to build a community of PVP'ers. So we put together a team of great coders and set out on building a fully custom plugin and website to support our dream of an easy friendly place to jump in and play PVP matches at any time.

ActionPVP is the result of a great team of people passionate for creating an excellent server experience and making it easy for anyone of any PVP experience whether noob or elite to be able to jump in and play a fun PVP experience.

Our current plugin runs PVP matches and you can jump right in by simply joining the server and typing/join
you are then warped into a team and are able to start PVPing right then and there!

A breakdown of the game-modes.

Destroy the core is one of our most popular game modes. The game generally has 2 teams, each team is determined to break the other teams 'core' which is the ball of obsidian usually floating in the air somewhere on the map. The aim is to get to the other teams core and to use a pickaxe to break the ball letting the lava inside flow out. Once the lava flows you win! You must also keep in mind the defence of your core, stopping the other team from getting to your core is just as important as attacking there core.

Team death match is also popular but is one of our more simpler game modes. It can have many teams (Our plugin 'can' support up to 16 teams but we do usually limit these to 4 max) the aim is simple... Kill the people who aren't on your team. Points are granted every kill, if you jump off the world or die from other means (falling, lava etc) you lose a point for your team.

Capture the wool your main goal is to capture the almighty wool from the other teams wool room. The wool rooms are located somewhere on the map (usually at the back) and you have to find them and get inside them. The other team cannot enter there own wool rooms they have to defend them, so once you are inside you are safe but there is one problem.... you have to make it back to your spawn with the wool and place it inside the wool monument. If you can do that successfully you win but do note there may be multiple colours of wool to capture per map. Good luck.

Free for allis pretty explanatory... KILL EVERYONE! You spawn randomly over the map with a kit and your goal is to kill anyone you see. Placings are 1st, 2nd and 3rd... Are you pro enough to be number 1?

You only live once is our least played game-mode due to once the game starts other players cannot /join until it is over. Why can't they join? Because this is team death match with the added fear that you cannot die. If you die you are out. The team that annihilates the other team and kills all there players wins!

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