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The World of Nevulla

Initial building you spawn in
Riding an Ender Dragon around the world
Central Hub
Dragon Roost
Nevulla Bank

Nevulla is looking for mature players to build a community! This server has a friendly, mature staff and offers a grief and drama free environment for everyone to enjoy. Any age is allowed, as long as you get along with others and act in a mature fashion.

We are a Spigot server with a few plugins installed for player protection and to make life a bit easier.
Some of the installed plugins are:

Multiverse: Allows for various world maps running on the same server.
Essentials: Many additional commands dealing with warps, homes, permissions, and economy to name a few.
McMMO: Popular plugin that adds a role playing experience into Minecraft, allowing players to level up skills based on usage and share exp and loot while in parties.
LWC: Any containers and signs that you put down are automatically locked, and you can lock doors as well. so that only you can access them, which prevents others from stealing your stuff.

As mentioned this is a multi-world server. The current worlds are as follows:

Spawn Island: This is the first map that you arrive on. This is simply a hub world that will give you news and information, enchantment and repair signs, a bank, and daily loot chests. From here you learn how to get around from world to world.
Wilderness: This is the main map for a legit survival experience. PvP is turned off here, and the difficulty is set to hard. This is the world that is linked to the nether and end.
PvpWorld: This place has several buildings set up for pvp events.
Adventure: Adventure map for players to get away from the grind of pvp or building and test their skills on an adventure map.
PlotWorld: This is a special world with creative mode for free building.

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