This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Realms of Grisnad - Minecraft Roleplay Server


This server is under development! Please do not complain about permissions, crashes, bugs, or being off for several days because we are constantly fixing up the server to be at its best. Thanks.

Journey to the fantasy world of Grisnad and join other players in a great Minecraft adventure! Undertake epic campaigns, upgrade your class, or just hang out with your friends.

You can find a spot in the wilderness and start your own base of operations or community, and grow into a massive kingdom at war with the rest. The world is under a dark threat, so be careful of sudden invasions or cannonfire. Also mind the bandits and thieves that may cross your path!

On this server, you are allowed to make a life however you want, be it a helpful traveller or a serial killer, this is YOUR adventure, and rules will not get in the way of that. We do not ban for griefing, but can roll back extremely easily, and you will be shunned and excluded by griefing. If you go all out, we might put you in adventure mode and mute you.

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